Father and sonWe provide a wide range of services including the division of marital property and business interests, drafting prenuptial, settlement agreements, child support and child custody arrangements, spousal support agreements (including spousal maintenance and spousal support awards).

Information your lawyer will need to get your case started:

Why do you want to get divorced? What caused the break up? Is there a chance of reconciliation?

Personal information about you and your family. Write down all your names, ages, birthplaces, Social Security Numbers, addresses and telephone numbers, for work and home.

Facts about you marriage. Where and when did you get married? If you have a prenuptial agreement bring a copy. Were either of you married before?

What are the issues? Will there be custody or visitation issues?

Financial Information – What assets and debts did each of you have before the marriage. What are your current incomes and expenses. Bring proof of this if at all possible (tax returns w-2s 1099spaystubs). What are your investments, bank statements, stocks? Do you or your spouse have a pension?

Property – If you own property, was it purchased before or during the marriage? What is your mortgage payment and balance on the mortgage? Do you know the value of your home?

Budget – Figure out how much you spend each month on housing, home owners dues, medical expenses, food, clothing, eating out, personal grooming and if you have children, daycare expenses or educational expenses.

Documents – Bring copies of any pleadings, judgments, FCS (custody) recommendations, bankruptcy and wage garnishments.

Your Goals – Tell your us what your want regarding property, assets, custody visitaiton support (child and spousal)

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