Spousal Support

Spousal support is intended to help spouses in maintaining their lifestyle, ease the transition and provide for the dependent spouse as he or she works toward financial independence. It is only available, however, if the spouse seeking support can prove that he or she does not have the property or assets to provide for reasonable needs and lifestyle.

We work to provide solutions in this area that reflect the needs and long-term goals of our clients. We understand just how overwhelming this can be and work to provide peace of mind and an assurance that the future will be provided for.

Spousal support is a court-ordered arrangement where the breadwinner must pay the dependent spouse a monthly payment that is set by the discretion of the judge. The amount and duration of the payments are influenced by the division of property, the duration of the marriage, sacrifices made by the dependent spouse and level of need and lifestyle during the marriage.

Generally, the dependent spouse must demonstrate that he or she is working toward becoming independent, either by searching for a job or by furthering his or her education.

Spousal support is ordered when there is an agreement between the spouses and set out in a Marital Settlement Agreement, attached to the Judgment. This monthly payment from the financially secure spouse to the dependent spouse can be beneficial for both. The payer can reduce his or her tax bracket and the recipient has a steady income on which he or she is taxed. These agreements are often used for bargaining in the division of assets to arrive at an equitable split.